1st Service Provider Board meeting

Vienna Diplomat Hotel

Vienna Diplomat Hotel

Baptiste Grenier (EGI Foundation)

First Service Providers Board meeting to present XDC-1.

1st XDC SPB minutes


  • 12 participants (one remote attendee), XDC partners and external parties (mainly STFC, PaNOSC, DEEP)


  • XDC and the 1st release by Giacinto (see presentation in the agenda)
  • Interactive discussions
    • STFC interested by the WebFTS and FTS / OpenID work
    • PaNOSC interested by FTS and other features as part of their evaluation for data management tools
    • DEEP using the SPB meeting as an opportunity to learn more about XDC
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    • 14:30 15:00
      Presentation of XDC-1 30m

      Presentation of XDC-1 Pulsar the first XDC release.


      Speaker: Giacinto Donvito
    • 15:00 15:30
      Q&A about XDC-1 30m

      Questions and Answers about XDC-1.